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greta is proud to have Asperger’s – so why do even her fans ignore it?

Article for Prospect magazine interrogating the willingness to sidestep Greta’s autisticness when she is praised and why that is important.

The strangeness for me arises with the outpourings of praise, much of which skirts around any mention of autism. After her appearance at the UN Climate Summit, I began to notice a trend of adult women praising Greta’s seriousness or apparent refusal to smile as though it were some act of Lean In-esque feminism and not tied to her autistic-ness.

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want to really clean up the ocean? it will take more than a ban on plastic straws

Article for Prospect magazine exploring the wider issues of marine plastic pollution, and why a ban on plastic straws is little more than greenwashing.

I don’t say this to discourage people from doing what they can, but to urge some perspective. Be wary of campaigns that pitch ridding ourselves of a single source of plastic waste as the panacea to the ocean’s problems. While a singular actionable marketing message is useful in campaigns, it can obscure the wider picture. Fewer plastic bags and straws help, but on its own won’t cure the annual 8 million tonnes of plastic poured into our oceans. 

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