pitch guidelines for Stim

Hello there.

Stim is a forthcoming anthology of writing and art by autistic people, edited by me (see below to find out who I am). While I have a number of people attached to the project already, I am looking for further submissions for consideration for the book. Commissioned pieces will be paid £150, and the book will be published by Unbound subject to full funding of the crowdfunder.

  1. I am exclusively looking for work by autistic people, including those formally diagnosed and self-diagnosed.
  2. I am looking for previously unpublished short fiction, creative non fiction, essays, and illustrations/comics.
  3. The deadline for pitches is the 30th of April at 5pm.
  4. If you have any questions or are feeling unsure about anything, just drop me an email or even DM me on Twitter. I’m very nice, I promise.

Who are you?

My name is Lizzie Huxley-Jones and I’m an autistic non-binary person living in West London. I am a writer, blogger and noisy person on Twitter (@littlehux).

How to pitch:

This pitch guideline is designed to help people who have never pitched learn one way to do it, and to help people who have pitched for other publications learn how best I like to receive pitches. Please ensure you adhere to the guidelines when submitting your pitch.

  1. Submit your pitch in full to lizzie.stim@gmail.com
  2. Briefly introduce yourself. Tell me who you are and, if you are happy to, your experience as an autistic person (formal diagnosis/self-diagnosed, diagnosed as adult/child etc). The reason for this is that while I want to pick the best pieces of art for the book, I also want to make sure I’m representing the diversity within our community. If you are not happy to share this information with me, that’s totally okay!
  3. Please format your subject line as Pitch: [Form] – [Your Name], so for example if I wanted to pitch an essay it would be Pitch: Essay – Lizzie Huxley-Jones. This just helps me filter through and ensures your pitch won’t get lost!
  4. Tell me what you would like to submit to Stim.
  5. If you are pitching work you’ve not written yet, please provide a clear and concise paragraph or series of bullet points describing your piece or outlining its basic structure. It would also be helpful to include a few paragraphs of the proposed piece so I can get a feel for it.
  6. If you’re pitching something you’ve already written, please include a short paragraph about how you think it would fit within the book. Please be aware I cannot publish any work that has been previously published, be it in print, online or your personal blog.
  7. Please include links or files to any previous work — be it published or not — so that I can get a picture of you as a writer or artist.
  8. Please include the word count of your piece or proposed piece. The maximum word count is 4000 words.
  9. If you are submitting illustrations or comics, please include with your work or outline a description of how it relates to autism, the book or you as an artist. Please also include details of your website, flickr, and/or instagram. Please note that we currently are only able to publish work in black and white/grayscale, so do keep this in mind when you submit.
  10. I am the sole editor on this project and thus it may take me some time to reply to you, though I will try and confirm receipt of all pitches as soon as possible. Other than this, unless your pitch has a question within it, it is quite possible you will not hear from me until the end of May. If I’ve not responded to your question within a week, please do free to give me a gentle nudge.

Thank you for your interest in Stim, and good luck.