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Cover designed by Luke J Bird

Stim is a collection of short fiction, essays and art by autistic people. This anthology represents some of the incredible talent within the autistic community, mixing established voices with those yet to be discovered by the wider publishing industry. With work exploring motherhood, overstimulation, special interests, sex and identity, this book seeks to be an important introduction to autistic people, as well as an engaging literary collection.

Stim features work from Grace Au, Nell Brown, Mrs. Kerima Çevik, Agri Ismaïl, Helen Carmichael, Laura James, Katherine Kingsford, Rachael Lucas, Ashleigh J. Mills, Tristan Alice Nieto, Reese Piper, c. f. prior, Megan Rhiannon, Robert Shepherd, Waverly SM, gemma williams, Amelia Wells, and Tjallien de Witte.

Stim will be published in April 2020 to coincide with World Autism Awareness Week. You can preorder your copy here:

This campaign video was filmed by the wonderful Jamie Drew, who I wholeheartedly recommend for all your imagery requirements.