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Lizzie Huxley-Jones (she/her) is an autistic, non-binary person and occasional writer, based in London. She currently works as editor and publicity human at independent micropublisher 3 of Cups Press, and is editor of Stim, an anthology of autistic authors and artists, which will be published by Unbound in 2020.

Otherwise, she can be found avoiding her work on various books by proposing new projects to Twitter, being weird online or taking her dog Nerys for a walk. She can also be found over-enthusiastically chairing author events around London.

In her past career lives, she has been a research diver in the Philippines, a children’s bookseller and digital communications specialist.

She tweets too much @littlehux and blogs about everything else (especially books) at Little Hux Tales.

For Stim related enquiries, you can reach her at lizzie.stim@gmail.com and for 3 of Cups Press related enquiries, use lizzie@3ofcups.co.uk.

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